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Dr. John Christiedr. john christie

Dr. John completed his medical degree in Montreal Canada at world-renowned McGill University, followed by 6 years of postgraduate training in Internal Medicine. He was awarded the prestigious Fellowship in Internal Medicine by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. Royal College Fellowship certification is commonly accepted as the equivalent of US board certification in Internal Medicine. Dr. Christie must meet stringent continuing study specifications by the Royal College to maintain this Fellowship certification.

He practiced in Montreal for 20 years, with a busy office practice, and responsibilities for the ER, Intensive Care and the Coronary Care unit. He headed the Intensive Care unit for years.

Two years as a Hospitalist rounded out the hospital phase of Dr. Christie’s career.

In 1997 Dr. Christie came to the lovely town of Annapolis. He has worked at the Clinic since then, with primary care relationships, as well as seeing urgent care cases. It is a “labor of love”.

Dr. Christie also maintains memberships in the prestigious American College of Physicians, the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, the American Medical Association, and the Maryland Med Chi – The Maryland Medical Association. He is a Medical Review Officer for occupational testing issues.

Dr. Christie has a wide range of interests in medicine. Special interests include the interrelation of mental and physical health, brain function, the nature of inflammation, and the patient-doctor partnership.

Dr. Christie also speaks fluent French, and conversational Spanish.

Dr. Christie’s 2 lovely daughters are now pursuing careers of their own.

A wide range of interests and sports keep the doctor happy and healthy.

If Dr. Christie has a credo, it is as follows:

Through the happy exercise of the Science and Art of medicine

“I’d love to be your doctor.”